CONGRATULATIONS Varsity Boys Basketball Team 

Game is Scheduled for Friday, February 23, 2018 at 7:00PM at Shade for a semi-final matchup with the Panthers.  Student Ticket Price will be $3.00, Adult Ticket Price is $5.00.  NO PASSES WILL BE ACCEPTED.  The following are prohibited  at the PIAA playoff games:  Banners, face paint and noise makers.  The doors for admission will open at 6:00 PM

It’s always nice to share positive comments especially from a sports opponent team and fans.  Forbes Road Staff and fans emailed me thanking us for the hospitality that was shown from our basketball team and fans.  Their basketball team commented on what good competitors our 2018 team was and wished us nothing but luck on our game with Shade Friday night.  We even had positive comments on the National Anthem being sung by one of our students.  Keep up the good work Turkeyfoot students and fans!  
 ~  Mr. Malaspino


A message on School Safety

Recent and horrific events have had strong physical and emotional impacts on schools all across America.  We at Turkeyfoot are very sincere in our efforts to maintain a safe and secure environment for our entire school community.  While there are no credible threats to our school, we constantly monitor the situations in and around the school. 

As such we ask for your assistance in the following ways:  1) See something, say something.  Students, parents and community members, if you see or hear of a threat being made to any school please notify a teacher, the administration and as importantly the State Police immediately.  2) Parents and guardians, please take time to talk with your children about these events and understand the role that we all can play in preventing them.

Additionally, there have been threats made to schools all across our area. You can see this on the news daily.  These threats are being made on social media and other similar outlets.  They have been investigated by the police and so far thankfully some have been found “not credible” by the police.  Of course and as you know, sadly some have not but thanks to students and parents “seeing and saying,” the authorities were able to react in a timely manner.

We must all work together to keep our schools safe and we want to assure you that we will take prompt action on any information received regarding our district to include informing you should we find ourselves in this unfortunate situation. 

Thank You.


 The PA State Applicators exam is being offered at Turkeyfoot Valley Area School District.   Testing will be on March 13, 2018, starting promptly at 12:15 PM.   If you are interested to take this for a private applicators license, please contact Vo-Ag teacher, Mrs. Jessie Shafer at 814.395.3621 x 318 or email her at

Changes to the School Calendar due to snow related closings:

1. We will have school on Thursday March 29th to make up the day missed on January 30th.  We will have a 1 pm dismissal on the 29th of March.  (please note that we will now have a full day of school on March 28th as a result of this change.)

2.We will have school on Tuesday April 3rd to make up the day missed on February 7th.

3. March 26th is now the last day of the 3rd nine-week grading period.

4. We have no more make up days so any day(s) missed will be added to the end of the school year in June.


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