Agronomy / Greenhouse Management

The Agronomy Green House Class Conducted Yield Estimates for the Soy Bean Fields behind the Hannah House B & B.

This class will be utilizing Google Classroom for students to have access to course content and assignments, similar to that of a college course. Students will need to use the code below to join the class for the 2017-18 school year 
by September 1st

Google Classroom students invite92qq1g

* Please parent do not join the class, as it is a college course and will interfere with students work. If you wish to see what students are working on, contact me at 

  1. Click the class and then Students. The class code is on the left.

    Class Code

  2. Click the code and then Copy.
  3. Send an email to students with the class code or write it on the board in your classroom.
  4. Give the students these instructions:
    1. Sign in to Classroom at
    2. On the homepage, click Add Add and then Join class.
    3. Enter the code and click Join.

Shark Tank Project – Entrepreneurship

DUE: May 4th  (Presentations on 05/09 & 05/10)



You will be creating a business proposal as if you were planning to pitch your idea to the entrepreneurs on the TV show, Shark Tank. Your products are the greenhouse crops.

 As you create your project, think about the episodes of Shark Tank we’ve watched in class. What products did the sharks invest in? Why? What products did the sharks reject?